Client comments:
"The wording is wonderful and very informative - the photos are really nice "

About Seaside Web Design

Seaside Web Design is owned and operated by me, Donna Uyeno. I have been making websites since 1999, (formerly as Little Lake Web Design) and have kept learning new tools and techniques for all these years. Although it's impossible for anyone to know everything about web technology, I am skilled in XHTML, CSS, and PHP/MySQL and very comfortable with Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks, my favorite designing and coding tools.

I'm very interested in usability concerns, and I think you'll find that the websites I make reflect that, with easy navigation, well-written instructions and clear, legible text. I also think it's important to "follow the rules" in web design, by writing standards-compliant code, wherever possible, for the best chance at browser compatibility and site longevity.

I have bachelor's degrees in psychology and computer science and have continued to take web design courses to keep current.

You'll find me easy to work with, reliable and flexible. I want you to be happy with your site, and for your site to work really well for you and your business or organization.

Why Choose Seaside?

You say your little nephew makes websites? Yeah, I hear that a lot, and if what you're looking for is a personal site to display your family photos, then you're in luck! But if you need a professional website to reflect your business, or want to be taken seriously as a charitable organization, then you need a professional design firm like Seaside to build you a site that represents you well.

Seaside Web Design is experienced, professional and conscientious, and will be there when you have questions or need help keeping your site up-to-date.

Questions? Please contact me so we can get started on your site today!